• Image of Kaneda's Bike
  • Image of Kaneda's Bike
  • Image of Kaneda's Bike
  • Image of Kaneda's Bike
  • Image of Kaneda's Bike

I’ve made some new prints;
and no two are alike.
The one common trait is that
each has a bike.

I made them myself,
just to try something new.
Got my little hands dirty,
Don’t believe me? It’s true!

Some prints are quite messy,
not one is pristine.
I made it quite certain
that none would be clean.

I used many media,
I was just having fun.
Some spray paint, some marker,
‘til I felt each was done.

I even used ink,
some black and some blue.
Who knows what you’ll get?
It may surprise even you!

Tetsuo! Kaneda!
Scream aloud what you will.
And don your red jacket,
that one with the pill.

In other words, this is a series of prints depicting Kaneda's bike from Katsuhiro Otomo's timeless classic manga and anime, Akira. In an effort to capture some of the gritty and violent tone of the story's biker gangs, I made a mess of these prints. I used spraypaints, screenprinting, ink, splattering as much as I could along the way.

The result is that no two prints are identical! The print you receive will be unlike any others out there, pretty much a one-off.

Measures 10"x8"


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